Bubble Tea/ BoBa Tea Cake

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We have turned this favourite asian beverage into a sweet dessert! This boba milk tea cake consists of sweet black tea infused cake layers, vanilla milk tea buttercream, covered in a vegan pour-over drip cream, and topped with brown sugar tapioca pearls.

Cake Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour*, Soy Milk*, Beetroot Sugar, Light Olive Oil, Corn Starch, Red Tea Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vanilla*, Himalayan Salt*, Baking Powder, Baking Soda

Cream Ingredients: Coconut Cream, Vegan Cream Whip, Boba/Bubbles, Soy milk Powder*, Powdered Stevia, Vanilla*

*organic ingredients


Sizing and Serving: 

4" 2 Layers (serves 2-4)

4" 3 Layers (serves 4-6)

6" 2 Layers (serves 6-8)

6" 3 Layers (serves 8-10)

8" 2 Layers (serves 10-12)

8" 3 Layers (serves 12+)


*photos show a 4" 2 layer cake*