2021 CNY


Cookie Boxes

Cookie box A: CNY Specials $268

  1. Pineapple tart filled Cookies 鳳梨酥曲奇 2x 80g

  2. Jujube dates longan and Goji Berry filled red velvet cookies 紅棗桂圓杞子红丝绒曲奇 2x 80g

  3. Taro filled cookies 香芋曲奇 2x 80g 

  4. Red bean filled matcha cookies 紅豆抹茶曲奇 2x 80g


Cookie box B: Chinese Classics $188

  1. Classic Walnut Cookies 核桃酥 2x 60g

  2. Classic Almond Cookies 杏仁酥2x 60g

  3. Black Sesame Cookies 黑芝麻曲奇 3x 40g 

  4. Miso Bean Cookies 味噌黃豆曲奇 3x 40g 

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